The Pioneer Cruises is located at 333 Lakeshore Blvd. East, at the foot of Parliament St. and Queen’s Quay East. For a map and further directions, click here.

There is paid parking only steps away from where our Vessels are moored. Rates vary depending on the time of day, and day of the week. Check with Harbourfront Centre for current rates.

Yes, we cruise in all weather. However, dense fog and high winds, on occasion, may keep us at the dock. The final call will be taken by the Captain of the Vessel. If he/she thinks, it’s not safe to sail, Vessels do not sail, but it can be used as docked venue.

Clothing that is appropriate to both the weather and the event is what we suggest. The important rule is to be comfortable. Evenings can be cool on the water, we do recommend wearing layered clothing as the climate on the lake can be unpredictable. On an afternoon cruise sunscreen and sunglasses will make for smooth sailing. All footwear is acceptable; however, we recommend something with low or flat heels.

Yes. However, you may experience some “dead” zones out on the lake.

No, unless they generally get motion sickness, e.g. In their car etc. Today’s cruise ships are engineered with state-of-the-art stabilizers that greatly reduce ship motion.

Each Vessel has different wheelchair accessibility. Please contact our sales staff for more information about a specific vessel.

There will be a DJ on board spinning music to dine and dance for an additional charge to Charter fee.

Our DJs are all professionals and we will provide you with the type of music you require. However, if it is important that you have a DJ on board, yes you certainly may bring them. But we will not allow outside equipment on board since we have a great sound system, and we make every effort to abide by the strict noise bylaws in the harbour. Our own DJ will continue to be on board and will monitor the use of our system and the sound levels. There is an additional fee, please contact our Manager on the same.

The age restriction for private charters is at the discretion of the charterer.

Yes, absolutely. Every year we take thousands of children on board our vessels. We are a proud vendor for the Toronto district school board.

All Pioneer Cruises offer interior deck space with seating, outdoor strolling decks, dance floors, full service bars, restrooms and panoramic views. All our vessels are Wi-Fi enabled with centrally air-conditioned and heated. For any specific details of our vessels, please connect with us.

We cruise in all types of weather. We have canopies on the outside deck that are put up if there is rain. You can still be outside and have a great view even while it’s raining. All the boats have rooms indoors that are fully enclosed.

Pioneer sails from late April until the end of October or till the captain considers it is safe to do so .As our vessels are centrally heated ,during the winter, vessels can be used for events on the floating water with a stunning view of the frozen lake.

  • Breakfast Cruise -7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Lunch Cruise-10:30 AM to 2:00 PM
  • High Tea Cruise- 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Dinner Cruise- 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
  • After Dinner Cruise- 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM
  • We also do customized cruises for an additional fee.

Our Vessels cruise on the sheltered waters of the Toronto Harbour. Our general route map can be found here (Cruise Map). Please note, the final route is determined by the captain who considers the weather and traffic details. It is his job to ensure a smooth and safe trip.

  • Pioneer Princes accommodates up to 150 guests
  • Pioneer Queen accommodates up to 200 guests
  • Aurora accommodates up to 250 guests

Boarding Time is the earliest our guests may board the ship. This is typically scheduled for first 30 minutes at the beginning of your cruising time.
Cruising Time is the boat is cruising on the water.
Docking Time is the scheduled time that the boat will return to dock.
Final Disembarking Time is the time allotted for guests to gather their things and say their goodbyes before departing for the evening. This is up to 30 minutes after docking
For private charters, the boarding time may vary and is at the charterer’s discretion. Please contact your event lead for specific details.

It is permitted during the charter. However, the Company, Owner, Captain or crew member shall not be liable for any type of Filming, video shooting and Photography in public places by the Charterer and their guest. Also, we have our own photographers who can take pictures for you at competitive rates.

Yes! Our Event Coordinators will work with you to meet your needs.

Yes, you may. However, please note, this must be done in the hour prior to your boarding time. If you require more time, we will work with you, but there will be additional charges for the time request. A maximum of five persons will be allowed on board to decorate. Please check your contract for what décor is allowed/not allowed.

We will customize our menu’s according to the clients need and budget.

Yes, outside food is allowed on the cruise, but there will be additional charges for using the kitchen for warmup food, etc.

Unfortunately, Ontario liquor laws do not allow you to bring outside alcohol with you, or to remove alcohol purchased on the boat.

We would be happy to bring in any specific brands of beer, liquor, or wine, if we are able to get under our liquor license. This arrangement will require advanced planning with our Event Coordinators and should be completed no less than 15 business days prior to your event date and conditions apply, please contact your Sales Manager for details.

Along with a signed copy of the contract the following schedule and payment applies

  • The Initial non-refundable deposit in the sum of $1000.00 (One Thousand Dollars) or 25 % of the total payment whichever is higher is due at Signing of Contract
  • Second payment: Postdated Cheque 30 days prior to cruise.
  • Final payment: Postdated Cheque 7 days prior to cruise.

There is no smoking on any open public cruises. On private parties, Smoking is permitted on the outside decks of the vessels, where food and beverages may not be consumed, where guests may smoke if they wish. This is compliance with the Ontario Smoking bylaws, as pertaining to passenger vessels.

Our cruise coordinators are experienced in suggesting and organizing previously used entertainment on board. Past examples are: Casinos, Karaoke, Magicians, Themes, Musicians, and many more. Just about any ideas you have can be fulfilled on board.

The most important details are to choose a date and vessel and book immediately to secure both. We require a deposit to book the cruise. A contract will be sent to you for your signature as well. Please contact our Sales Manager.

Three weeks before your event, one of our cruise coordinators will contact you to discuss all your details. If you wish to organize your details earlier or later please let us know. They will help you choose a menu, bar option as well as any customized or special details needed.

We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diner’s Club. We also accept cash, cheque, electronic transfers, money orders, and certified checks. If full balances are paid by credit card there will be an administration fee charged to the balance. 2% for Visa and Mastercard and 3% for American Express and Diner’s Club. Full payment is required a week prior to your cruise.

Along with a signed copy of the contract the following schedule and payment applies

  • The Initial non-refundable deposit in the sum of $1000.00 (One Thousand Dollars) or 25 % of the total payment whichever is higher is due at Signing of Contract
  • Second payment: Postdated Cheque 30 days prior to cruise.
  • Final payment: Postdated Cheque 7 days prior to cruise.

There are no refunds or transfers or exchanges. All sales are final. We do sail rain or shine. Please refer to your contract or contact our Sales Manager.

The City Link Water Taxi service operates at the same dock as we do. Should you miss the departure of the cruise, contact them at 416-203-8294 (Toronto Harbour Water Taxi) or 1-877-706-TAXI/8294/ (Five Star Water Taxi Services). There is a fee for their service.

For sales and general inquiries, you can email info@pioneercruises.com or call +1-416-391-1888